Erikson's Stages Of Development Essay

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Erik Erikson 's stages of development are eight key points in a person 's life. His stages range from birth until death. Each stage represents a milestone within the person 's life. The way the person deals with the stage effects the rest of the person 's life. If they finish it successfully, that stage has a positive effect in their life..

There are eight stages of Erik Erikson stages of psychosocial development. According to a chart on, the eight stages are explained this way; The first stage is oral sensory and focuses on trust vs. mistrust. This stage is focused on trust vs. mistrust because a child must form a loving relationship with their care giver through feeding. If the infant fails at this stage, they live with
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It is the fifth stage of Erik Erikson 's developmental theory. This stage focuses on ego identity vs. role confusion. It is also considered one of the most important. The way you deal with it effects you for the rest of your life, according to Dunkel, Curtis S and Sefcek, Jon A. During these odd years, (usually ages twelve to eighteen), you are developing a sense of yourself. The development deals with one 's identity. The identity includes who you are, your beliefs, religion, political views.and occupation. If you are successful in obtaining your identity, you are more likely to stay true to yourself, as well as be confident. If you fail at doing so, you are most likely will become confused with your identity, as well as what to do with yourself. The way that you handle this stage of development sets you up for failure or success. It is even a theory that if you fail to succeed in this stage it can result in mental illness, according to the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. "As expected, higher personality disorder symptoms were associated with lower well-being during adolescence, and declines in personality disorder symptoms over time were associated with corresponding gains in well-being." To me this statement makes sense, because if you lack self-confidence, you are more susceptible to the dark parts of your mind. If you never build self confidence in adolescence, you 're most likely to never develop it …show more content…
I am currently in Erikson 's developmental stage of adolescence. I am hopefully at what is the tail end of the stage. I currently do not know what career i wish to go after. I know I am at the end of the stage because I am sure of my sexual identity, religious identity, and political views. Although, I personally feel as if I do not know myself very well because I lack an occupational identity. I ask myself these questions trying to find it; What motivates me? What do I enjoy doing? What is something I would enjoy doing everyday for the rest of my life? I am currently coming up with almost nothing. I have one answer when I ask myself these things; cosmetology. This does make sense for a person like me, I love styling others hair, i enjoy doing my own makeup, etc. The only thing that is bugging me about this is that it doesn 't seem to be quit right for me, and i can 't put my finger on why. I believe it is unfair to expect an eighteen year old to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, that is what our society expects of people my age. I am hoping by the end of the year, which will be the end of my adolescence stage of psychosocial development, I will know my occupational

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