Erikson's Stage Five Of Psychosocial Development: Intimacy Vs Isolation

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In Erikson’s Stage 5 of Psychosocial Development, Identity vs Role Confusion, adolescents ages 12 through 18 struggle to find their identity and trying to fit in. They are questioning themselves and authority as well. They ask themselves who they are and what they want in life in order to get a sense of self. As for authority, they may be questioning their parents or rebel government ideals and develop their own beliefs or follow another groups beliefs they really feel they fit into. Questioning authority helps individuals in this age group find their own beliefs and values. In this stage adolescents test limits to realize what they’re good at by joining clubs or sports. In their high school years they are considering possible career options to become independent.
An adolescent who successfully surpasses this stage is succeeding at life at the moment. They are clearly relating to people and are not struggling to feel accepted. They exude confidence and have their sense of style. They take pride in their work and are not in a constant battle with themselves, whereas an adolescent who struggles to find who he or she is develops role confusion.
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In this stage individuals seek out someone whom they feel they can connect with and both give and receive affection. They have the capacity to balance a social life, an intimate life, and a career. An individual in this stage who does not or cannot seek out another individual to share a life with will end up lonely or isolated. They fear commitment and therefore avoid intimacy or sharing themselves in any situation. They are more prone to becoming depressed due to not being able to engage in social activities or being able to relate to another person on an intimate

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