Erikson 's Theory Of Identity Versus Role Confusion Essay

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Erikson’s Theory of Identity versus Role Confusion, I am interested in Erikson and his views of 12 to 18-year-olds development. The period when children are turning away from their parents, wondering who they are as a person, and how they should deal with change. Parents should help influence their teenage children but not to the extent where their child will rebel. Parents should help children with their mental and self-esteem in school, physical health, and self-confidence as well as well-being, and lastly, parents should help their children with social interactions. If parents exceed these boundaries the result can be fatal to their relationship with their child in future years. Slavin says “Adolescents increasingly turn away from parents and toward peer groups. Erikson believed that during adolescence the individual’s rapidly changing physiology, coupled with pressures to make decisions about future education and career.” (Slavin, 2006).
Erikson views children as teenagers that are in the stages of becoming adults, that will turn away from their elders. The child begins to go through puberty which is when they are growing and maturing, mentally and physically. The adolescent going through puberty will begin to want to blend in with the crowd while also ensuring they have the most amount of friends possible (Sokol, 2009). This is usually when the child will begin to push the parents, teachers, and other close adult figures out of the picture in their lives. While the…

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