Essay Erikson 's Theory Of Education

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Introduction Growing up, I came from a relatively small immediate family that consisted of my mother, father, brother and twin sister. I am the older twin, while my brother is three years older than me. But I also include other relatives in my immediate family, such as my grandparents and my aunts and uncles because I come from a close-knit family that frequently visits one another daily. Furthermore, as a twin, I was required to dress exactly like my twin and shared the same space as her growing up, which I believe made an impact on my development. I also believe being enrolled in Pre-School to start my education also influenced my education and development in life. Currently, I attend a college located in a small town called Geneva, which is located in New York. I will be beginning my senior year to obtain my B.A. in Biology with a double Minor in Education and Dance. So in relation to my upbringing and my current stance in life, I shall relate Erikson’s theory around my interactions with my family as a child, as well as how being a twin shaped the interactions I had growing up. I will also describe the challenges of being an identical twin growing up and how that has shaped me into who I am today.

Erikson’s Stages
Stage 1: Trust vs. Mistrust
Definition: is Erikson’s first psychosocial stage, which is experienced in the first year of life. Trust in infancy sets the stage for a lifelong expectation that the world will be a good and pleasant place to live…

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