Erikson 's Theory Of An Individual And The Society Aspects Being Complimentary Where The Ego

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Erikson’s theory indwells in an individual and the society aspects being complimentary where the ego develops through the psychosexual process from Freud’s perspective, but also through the psychosocial process (Welchman, 2000). Erikson’s main study was also derived from his personal life experiences in the struggle of understanding his identity (Welchman, 2000). His studies have helped the child development field in understanding the whole child developing (emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively).
Erik Erikson made numerous contributions in his lifetime. This paper unfolds upon the eight stages of life on how your ego plays into role, and crises that you must overcome to proceed within the favorable spectrum of a stage. His political views are criticized by individuals and also compared to Piaget’s and Freud’s work. The four out of eight stages that pertain to child development are elaborated upon their relevancy in society and findings throughout this lifetime. Erikson embarked in a harsh life that instilled him to pursue his studies in the psychological development of a human being based on their personality and social factors. My personal believes and recommendations are also made for parents, teachers, administrators, policy makers, and researchers.
Erik Erikson was a psychological analysis, a son, husband and father who became heavily influenced by other theorists that helped him along his journey. As, a young boy he had many insecurities due to…

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