Erikson 's Theory And Adopted Children Essay

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Erikson’s Theory and Adopted Children
The adopted child 's trauma begins the moment they are separated from their biological mother at birth and can last a lifetime. This sounds terminally depressing; however, this paper will shed light on a topic much overlooked, giving discernment, showing although there are challenges to be faced, it does not necessarily mean the outcome is doomed to be hopeless. Most adopted children make it through adolescence just as others do. This paper will bring attention to the unnecessary suffering caused by grief, guilt, shame and mistrust. If adopted parents are made aware of the emotional problems their adopted children may have and they are addressed by mental health professionals very early on, the symptoms of low self esteem and lack of trust can be effectively treated.
Although biological parents intend for the child they gave up to have a better life, adopted children have a unique developmental experience. Even a child who is separated at birth will carry feelings of abandonment which can lead to a low self-image-- self-worth, if not dealt with properly. Erik Erikson’s theory has been questioned as to how relevant it may be for people of all racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This paper will look into the relevance of Erikson 's theory as it may pertain to adopted children and give insight into how being adopted can hinder developmental stages, especially during adolescence when they are developing a sense of identity. In this…

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