Erikson 's Psychosocial Theory On Development Essay

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Erikson’s psychosocial theory implements the impact of several factors on development rather than just focusing on one. This theory is used to describe how certain individuals and experiences had an influence in molding me. The theory is being applied in my life to explain the formation of “trust” through my father’s care, “autonomy” through positive reinforcement, “guilt” caused by my aunt’s strictness, “industry” rooted from my strong focus on school from my preschool years, and “identity confusion” followed by “identity” (Santrock, 2015). In essence, this paper will go into depth about these events and how they impacted my development throughout the early stages.
Unfortunately, after I was born times were tough for my parents. It had been three years since their last child and my father was working at a bar. It was getting difficult to meet the needs of all of the children, so my dad decided to get a job as a security guard. This year marked nineteen years of him working under the same company, getting paid minimum wage, and working overtime every single day. I look up to him a lot, and I am always taking his opinion into account because he has sacrificed and done so much for his children. One of the key aspects of Erikson’s first stage is a strong focus, “on the mother and father’s nurturing ability and care for a child, especially in terms of visual contact and touch” (“Erikson’s Stages of Development,” 2014). That being the case, this upholds the strong belief of my…

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