Essay about Erik Olin Wright 's `` Envisioning Real Utopias ``

755 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Erik Olin Wright’s, “Envisioning Real Utopias” was a lot more scholarly type of reading that I was not expecting considering this was a general education class. Although the reading and studying was more difficult than expected I found that this book was very useful in forcing myself to really study and buckle down with my study abilities. The reason for this is because I found this book too flow more like a scholarly journal rather than a regular book or textbook, the terms and definitions of words were difficult to find and had to sometimes be googled for a better understanding or definition.
Understanding the background of Erik Olin Wright was beneficial when trying to understand the components of the book. I believe that this book seems more like a scholarly journal that would be used for a political science course is because of Wright’s background as a Sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin. When portraying his thoughts and ideas about Capitalism or Marxism he did so in a political sociology and political economy type of way. He did it in this matter so there were principles and ideas used were situations that actually happened, therefore, giving individuals’ knowledge of events that have previously failed in Marxism and ideals or beliefs that have succeeded in some areas. He adds on to this by stating that Capitalism is not sustainable in the long term because of Social Injustice and Inequality, which is why he believes we should look into becoming…

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