Erik Erikson 's Developmental Theory Essay

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As I have grown up and moved out of my parent 's house, I have had many friends change the way that they choose to live their lives and have lost friends that I used to be close to because I have changed too. I didn 't think much about these phases in my life; until I got into Professor Stensgaard 's human behavior class. As soon as I was introduced to the developmental theory, I connected my past to this theory because of my personal experiences. The developmental theory is based on how human behavior unfolds throughout a person 's life and how that person changes or stays the same (Hutchison, p. 58). I can see how the developmental perspective is crucial in social work because of how influential experiences in someone 's life can affect the direction of their life directly. The developmental theory is on how individual 's life experiences guide their behavior throughout each stage and how that affects the person 's life.
Erik Erikson is responsible for the developmental theory. The first published version of the eight-stage model that Erikson established was in his book, Childhood and Society, in 1950 (Karkouti). Erikson produced the final version of the developmental theory, but it contained many changes and versions throughout history (Karkouti). Sigmund Freud actually produced his own version before Erikson did, but Freud didn 't go too far with the idea. Erikson took the idea of development of the human body and stages in life and ran with it. He produced many books…

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