Erik Erikson : The Path Of Psychology Essay

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Erik Erikson was born in Germany in 1902 and died in 1994. He never knew his father and therefore, was raised by his mother and stepfather (Erikson 2001). Many think that never knowing his father is what lead Erikson on the path of psychology. In 1933, he became a teacher in the US at Harvard Medical School and “practiced child psychoanalysis privately” (Erikson 2001). It was around this time he developed his point of view in psychology. One of the reasons why people think he was so influential was that he could see things from a different perspective. Erikson “straddled many boundaries: artist and scientist, clinician and theorist, ethnographer, psychologist and historian, European and American” (Douvan 1997). He was able to see flaws other people wouldn’t, because their background was solely in psychology. Therefore, with all his different perspectives, he became a really well respected psychologist.
Erikson studied a lot of Freud’s theories and ended up developing his own (Erikson 2001). That is probably why a lot of people compare and contrast the two psychological leaders. One of the difference between Erikson’s psychosocial development theory and Freud’s psychosexual theory is that Erikson’s stages continued throughout life, whereas, Freud’s stopped in adolescences (Feldman 1999). This showed that Erikson believed that growth and change of a person lasted their whole life. Freud believed all of those changes stopped during adolescences. Another difference is that Freud…

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