Essay on Erik Erikson : A Man 's Conflict

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“A man’s conflict represents what ‘he’ really is.” (Erikson, n.d.). Perhaps no other quote, then this statement by prominent developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, can summarize his beliefs and theories regarding human development so well. Erik Erikson was a German-born American developmental psychologist, whose theories and findings on human development from childhood and beyond have spread all over world. He believed strongly in the Epigenic principle, and stressed the importance of psychosocial stages in relation to the development of one’s self and personality, each stage with a crisis that needs to be resolved. Ultimately, Erikson changed the way much of the world viewed human development, and his impact reached far beyond the field of psychology, also strongly impacting education and society.
Erik Erikson (previously Erik Homburger), was born and raised in Germany, where for the most part of his early life until his mid-twenties, he displayed very little interest in school and was unsure about his place in society or a career he wanted to obtain. Confused about his place in the world, Erikson and a group of friends, (one in particular named Peter Blos, who would prove to be key in helping Erikson find his passion in developmental psychology), meandered throughout Germany and Italy as traveling artists. During this period of travel Erikson ruminated over many things in regards to his identity, especially when it came to his father. Erikson was raised by his mother…

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