Erich Fromm 's Psychosocial Theories Of Development Essay

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Fromm’s Psychosocial Theories of Development
In this paper, I have chosen to examine Erich Fromm’s psychological theories pertaining to the development of an individual. I will examine all aspects of Fromm’s psychological and social theories as they apply to an individual’s development, analyzing them particularly against my own development. I will also examine how his theories regarding unhealthy development, or psychopathology, relate to particular events in my own development. Finally, I will conclude by examining how Fromm’s theories regarding society and psychological development of the individual relates to Scripture.
Fromm’s Psychological Theories
Erich Fromm’s psychological theories regarding personality development have been described by many as a synthesis of Freud’s earlier theories about development and social theories published by Karl Marx. This hybridization of Freud and Marx stemmed from Fromm’s own developmental experiences during the time after World War I and preceding World War 2, a time when the atmosphere was unsettled for many; “he was particularly impressed with the writings of Freud and Marx” (Engler, 2009), and sought answers concerning the state of individuality and society within their writing, eventually synthesizing their ideas into his own theories.
According to Dr. Rainer Funk (2013), “like Freud, Erich Fromm was driven by the question of what drives the person internally”, however, while Freud focused solely on the individual and their…

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