Eric Foner 's Give Me Liberty ! Essay

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History influences people’s decisions that would affect the sustainability and climate change issues for the country. The sustainability includes three core parts, which keep the country sustainable which are social, economic, and environmental. Currently, sustainability and climate change are the trending issues that are waiting to be resolved. But in order for them to be resolved, to make the best decision on how to combat these problems, it is good to reference their country’s history to make their decision. In Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty!, gives a brief history about American history, also including the what happened during the New Deal. During the era of the New Deal (1932-1940), Theodore Roosevelt was the president at the time. During his presidency, his actions provided examples of both success and problems that are lessons that the current generation should refer back to when making the right decision of maintaining their sustainability and improving the climate change. According to James Diamond in Collapse: Why Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed details how the choices that each societies make determines how their issue is addressed or unaddressed depending how they approach their issue. This paper will provide examples of successes such as the Public Works projects and the Banking Crisis in 1933 that is a part of the sustainability and the climate change that were able to be resolved. But the issue that was unable to be resolved was a social part of…

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