Eric Carle's Effect On Children

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Writing children’s books is a special way to interact and often influence many generations of children. To make a lasting and favorable affect the artist has to get to the heart of a child and meet them where they live as well as spark their curiosity. There have been many well known artists and illustrators who have achieved this high level of notoriety, Eric Carle is of my favorites for children. Eric Carle has a special way to reach out to the children, through color, shape, and words. Each of his books also brings a message or lesson to the children. In some books the lesson is much more obvious to see than in others, when you have to think a little more to understand the meaning behind the story. “The secret of Eric Carle’s books appeal …show more content…
Throughout each, Carle's signature tissue paper art forms came to life, connecting with the reader to help give a feeling of familiarity. The very lonely firefly and Do you want to be my friend? both dealt with the idea of being different and alone in the world, with either people too busy or just unaware of the one in need. By the end of these two books, as with all Carle’s stories, everyone is as it should be and the main character’s trouble has been solved. The little mouse has found the special friend he needed and the firefly has found his own kind as well. The Mixed-up Chameleon is along these same lines, he tries to be like everyone else and almost loses who he really is, to the point of not being able to eat. The moral of this tale is to be true to yourself, and you are perfect just as you are. These are just three of the tales that, with the knowledge of Carle’s past, we can see how his own feelings are coming through to help the children “build the bridges” as the children moved through the stages of life. In his book, Friends, we can truly see how the story was a direct tie to his own life. The storyline tells us about two friends who were close but then one had to move way, but they worked hard and many years later were …show more content…
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