Erdrich, By Louise Erdrich Essay

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Louise Erdrich is a famous “contemporary writer of German- American and Chippewa descent,” (Tanrisal 68) who is well known for “her own short stories and novels” which earned her reputation as a “fiction writer” (Beidler and Gaynor 2). Due to Erdrich’s Native American Decent, her novel settings were mostly centered on her “fictional North Dakota Reservation, whose heart is Matchimanito Lake,” (Beidler and Gaynor 2). Through the different novels of Erdrich, she manages to link them by having similar characters (Tanrisal 70) such as including “orphan” characters (Stookey 25). In addition, women are a big part of Erdrich’s novels — more specifically, mothers of all sorts who has the “responsibility of sustaining relationships, but are not idealized, they have their problems” (Tanrisal 72). Erdrich is also known for her “experiments with narrative perspective” (Muntz 144) as she uses “multiple points of view, intertextual allusion, and temporal dislocation” as she “weaves these techniques with narrative elements from the Chippewa oral tradition” (Beidler and Gaynor 2). She creates a narrator in which she presents her stories in the “voices of storytellers” which “transforms her readers into listeners” (Stookey 13). In most of Erdrich’s works, she also emphasizes on the “homecoming theme” which was introduced in her fiction the Love Medicine (Stookey 14). As an example of Louise Erdrich’s famous fictional stories, the Love Medicine is a great example of Erdrich’s typical…

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