Erasmus And Luther : The Renaissance Period Essay

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Erasmus vs Luther The Renaissance period beings in 1350 and that was the start of the “rebirth” in Italy, ending in 1550. During this period, people started hearing stories about the Black Death that happened in Europe and the wars and famine that was going on at the time. The men and women believed these were the devil works and they started questioning why God sent all this harm to people, so Christian leaders comforted people with good works such as, pilgrimages, relics, and indulgences, to make them feel closer to God. People took offense to the “good work” theology because they believed being a Christian should not just be from doing good works, but it should mean you have a personal relationship to God and you let your life reflect by that. Erasmus and Luther are two men who wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church. Luther wrote his ninety-five theses and this is known to start the reformation of the church. They both believed that Christianity in a inner devotion to Christ rather than good works; however, Luther’s reform of the church comes from a Theological viewpoint and Erasmus comes from a humanistic viewpoint and that leading to differences on how they grew up, their different viewpoints on God, and there ideas on reforming the Roman Catholic Church. Erasmus was born on October 27, 1466 and his father was a priest. He was known as the most famous and influential humanist of the Renaissance Era. Erasmus received a humanistic education that taught him that…

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