Eradication Of Hiv And Hiv Essay

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Eradication of HIV There are many ways that HIV is transmitted but if the risk factors were taken out would there be as many individuals affected by this disease? If there was an immunization to protect the CD4 cells would AIDS be a syndrome anymore? Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is not possible without the human immunodeficiency virus which is the driving force behind scientists collaborating worldwide in ending and preventing this pandemic.
“The primary etiologic agent of AIDS is HIV, an enveloped ribonucleic acid (RNA) retrovirus that carries its genetic material in RNA rather than DNA.” (Porth, 2015, p. 363) There are two different forms of HIV; HIV-1 and HIV-2. The human immunodeficiency virus-1 is the virus mostly commonly seen in the United States, central Africa and Europe whereas human immunodeficiency virus-2 spreads more slowly and is commonly found in western Africa. Both types of HIV have the same mode of transmission. All forms of HIV are transmitted through sexual contact, blood contact, or from mother to child. Once exposed to the human immunodeficiency virus the virus attacks the CD4 cells or T-helper cells. HIV only attacks CD4 cells and macrophages which are both important in fighting off foreign bodies, activating B lymphocytes as well as initiating the cell mediated immunity response. Without healthy CD4 cells the CD8 cells as well as the Natural Killer cells are not able to activate once a T-helper cell comes across a foreign…

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