Era of Good Feelings Dbq Essay

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Era of Good Feelings DBQ
Question- The “Era of Good Feelings” was a time of increased patriotism and prosperity for America, but were there hidden debates on serious issues going on within the country during this very time period?

The “Era of Good Feelings” was a time period that lasted from about 1815-1824, and in this era there was increased nationalism and prosperity for the country. Still though, there were very crucial issues being argued over in that very time period. During President James Monroe’s two terms as president, the country’s patriotism was at a very high level and on the outside it seemed as though all were going extremely well. However there were problems within the country which were soon to be lifted to the
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After the invent of the cotton gin, cotton became the most important crop, therefore making the need for slaves essential. This ruined the thought that slavery would end quietly and peacefully. But the Missouri Compromise did provide somewhat of a solution. “That the further introduction of slavery or involuntary servitude be prohibited, except for the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall be duly convicted; and that all children of slaves, born within the said state, after the admission thereof into the Union, shall be free but may be held to serivce until the age of twenty-five years. . .”(Doc D.) This applied to all the states of the North, the states of the south could still keep states if they so desired. The cut off line was 36⁰ 30' latitude. (Doc B,E.) The Missouri Compromise, although providing a temporary solution, did have its drawbacks because after sometime there was an imbalance of free vs. slave states. This in turn created an imbalance as to how they were represented in congress. Each

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