Er Technician: a Glimpse Into an Overlooked Profession Essay

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Jay, an Emergency Room Technician, is walking into work. It is 6:40 am, his shift starts at 7 am but he is required to clock-in earlier and attend the “shift huddle” (the huddle is where the incoming staff gets any pertinent information about what happened during the previous shift). It is 7:05 am, the huddle is over and Jay is checking the assignment sheet to see where in the department he is going to be working. At this emergency department, the nurses and techs will work in one of the four sections: A-pod (for the medium acuity patients, and it also houses the psychiatric patients), B-pod (where high acuity patients such as respiratory or cardiac arrest patients go), C-pod (for low acuity patients…it is kind of like an urgent care), …show more content…
Patients and family members can get restless (occasionally irate) sitting and waiting. Moreover, the ER tech can sometimes get the brunt of that. A woman comes up to the start desk and asks Jay when her father is going to be seen; after finding out who her father is Jay explains that wait times cannot be given out because patients are seen based on how sick they are. Jay continues to explain that at this moment her father is waiting to see a provider who will go over any testing he has done so far, and administer a treatment plan. This does not make the woman happy who claims that her father has been there for over three hours and there have been other people that were taken back before him. Jay states that people are taken back for several reasons (i.e. CT scans, MRI, lab work, or to complete their triage process), but the woman is still not content with this answer. Unable to give any explanation other than what he’s told her, Jay refers the woman to the nurse sitting next to him stating the nurse may be able to provide additional information. As the shift goes on, an older woman comes up to Jay and tells him that she is feeling very dizzy. Jay decides to take her into a triage room to recheck her vital signs. Her blood pressure was 69/39, to be sure, he checks it again on the other arm, and it comes out to be 59/34. He notifies the nurse that he is going to take the patient to a room in B-pod due to her

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