Equity : Equity Vs. Equality Essay example

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Equity vs. Equality in Canada Amanda Persaud Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology HSP3U0 Mr. B. Osborne December 8, 2015

Equity and equality are often mistaken to be the same thing however, both are there for their own purpose. Equity on one hand, is beneficial for society, improves the quality of life and is fair for all. On the other hand, equality promotes being the same and having the same starting point and the same treatment no matter the circumstances. Equity should be put above equality in Canada to make the quality of life better and fair for all. It is used everyday through various ways, provides everyone with many opportunities to reach their goal, and benefits people more than equality does.
To begin with, equity is used in several ways to make the quality of life better everyday, in Canada. With equity, positive relationships can be formed within organizations, families, and peers. First of all, organizations can gain better relationships between the sexes by giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals. According to the Canadian Association for Advancement of Women and Sport (CAAWS), everyone should be given the same opportunity for their opinions to be taken into account (2013). Everyone should be given a chance to get involved within an organization and not be based on who they are. In other words, every employee would have a fair chance to succeed with their ideas and this allows them to cooperate easily since…

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