Essay about Equipping Homeland Security With Community Policing

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Equipping homeland security with community policing is known to be effective (Pelfrey, 2005), since it promotes the community to be involved and can increase police legitimacy and procedural justice (Weisburd, & Zamir, 2011). After the terror attacks on September 11th there was improved support in America for the police (Fridell, & Wycoff, 2004), and an increase in community policing, particularly in Arab communities (Ortiz, Hendrick, Sugie, 2007). Terrorism prevention was included in Neighborhood-Watch to educate and train citizens (Flint, C., & Brennan, 2006). When the public is prepared to respond to a terrorist attack they could help prevent terrorist attacks from happening. Richard Reid also known as the “shoe bomber” , was unsuccessful in his terrorist attack because he was stopped by a passenger who took control of the situation (Doyle, 2010). Another time the public was able to save lives was during the hijacking of United Flight 93 the terrorists were not able to get to their destination (Longman, 2010). This shows that regular citizens may be useful when crisis happens if they are prepared.
Involvement of the community and education them are important elements of community policing (Braga, & Weisburd 2006). Community members might report suspicious activities, but if they are not educated on what should be reported to the police and what should not can create lots of unnecessary information and make it difficult to recognize which threats are serious. The majority…

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