Case Study Equifax

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David Meyers
Principles of PR
Kenna Griffin
Case study 4 – Equifax
15 September 2017
Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agency had its security breached. This issue is affecting individuals all over the world. Personal information of people has been accessed by cyber criminals who hacked into the database of the organization. It is known as one of the worst hacks ever due to its range and the information that was exposed to the public.
Equifax have been called out by the public for a scarce response to the data breach that happened between May and July. Cyber criminals hacked into the data base of Equifax that can expose 143 million Americans personal information (Solon, 2017). The personal information included individual’s names, date of birth, home addresses and
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Equifax waited 6 weeks before it announced its security breach to their customers and the public (FOX, 2017). Equifax did not have a call to action, as they did not contact their customers individually to tell them about the security breach. Equifax are in urgent need of turning this crisis they are facing around. Equifax can face scrutiny from authorities as they might have waited too long to disclose the breach and give the public information about the incident. “Three Equifax executives sold shares days after the company found out about the hack” (CNN, 2017). This gives a bad image to the public and shows them the organization is dishonest for not telling their customers as soon as the incident occurred. The public will criticize Equifax for the security breach and cause a dent in their reputation. Equifax also tweeted messages such as “Happy Friday” during the crisis (Temin, 2017). This did not help as Twitter erupted and caused the public to dramatize about the fact that the organization was not making progress. Customers will have the perception that Equifax is not a business to comply

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