Equestrian Connection Case Study

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When I was first introduced to the project I spoke to many of my friends about their own personal experiences with the sociology program and where they recommended to volunteer. After much consideration I decided that Equestrian Connection was the place I wanted to volunteer. I only called once and signed myself up for their volunteer brochure. They contacted me back Immediately and sent me specific training dates at which I could come to Equestrian Connection to get verified as a sidewalker. I hadn’t thought about signing up elsewhere because the overall aspect of their organization interested me so much. Working with not only animals but disabled children has interested me way before the sociology volunteer project was assigned.

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She felt as if hippotherapy helped her son 's much more than regular therapy did. They began their organization with only twenty clients and four horses. They rented space in a hunter jumper barn and since then have expanded to have their own barn with multiple acres of land and lake side property for the horses and riders. Equestrian Connection is one of the largest equine therapy centers in the country but still want to expand and provide their services further. Equestrian Connection operates it’s funding through many donations and sponsors. They also have multiple fundraisers like “Band in the Barn” where the public is invited to come and have a good time as well as donate to a great cause. The mission of Equestrian Connection is to “improve the quality of life of those with disabilities, emotional illness and paralysis by providing services that fill unmet needs with the use of highly trained horses, skilled and experienced therapists and an understanding pool of volunteers.” The organization focuses very thoroughly on the well-being and …show more content…
The children at Equestrian Connection are a unique group of kids who each require their own special amount of attention. Each rider has a skill level. The amount I was needed was determined by the skill level of the rider and their ability to balance on the horse. I personally sidewalked alongside the rider. Making sure they didn’t fall off as well as providing comfort for the rider by holding their hand or placing my forearm over their thigh. While I was at Equestrian Connection I was not allowed to know the specific diagnosis of the rider due to a non-disclosure agreement the organization has with it’s patients. All that I was allowed to know was that the rider had some sort of physical, mental or emotional disability. If there was anything else that I needed to know about like the possibility of seizure or fainting the staff would inform me further. Equestrian Connection provides hippotherapy for these children. They shape their program to fit the needs of each and every patient. For example, if a rider must be in a wheelchair Equestrian Connection has specific saddles just for that type of rider. If a rider cannot support his/her middle or backside they have physical barriers that keep them up. Another great thing about Equestrian Connection’s ability to conform to the needs of each rider is their amazing staff. As a volunteer, I don’t contribute as much as

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