Equality Under The Law? Investigation Race And The Justice System

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In the article, “Equality under the Law? Investigation Race and the Justice System,” by Michael Gonchar, he states that under the fourteenth amendment all human beings should be treated equally, but there has been proof that contradicts that right. The theory that we can fit into this article is social conflict theory. Social conflict theory refers to the imbalance of equality. An environment where the rich and powerful benefit more than the poor because of segregation of class, race, gender created by institutions. We believe that the author has made an argument that supports social conflict theory because there are a variety of Times articles that examine how our system treats black citizens and minorities in comparison to white citizens. The author encourages students to challenge the fourteenth amendment enforcement in our communities, and to find ways to which they can take action. While reviewing the amendment, we notice it famously states that “all men are created equal,” but in the written time, there were owners of slaves, who considered blacks only two thirds human, which was their reason to discriminate against them. At their disadvantage, blacks and minorities were denied equal rights. The author states that “yet the country seems to decide about whether equal justice, has actually become a reality.” We will argue that there is proof to support the author’s analysis in our society today. We will also support this argument with our own experiences and we will…

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