Gender Equality In American History

To whom it may concern, in my experience, being a woman is difficult. Throughout American history, gender equality has played a significant role in the stereotypical American culture. The media has had a very large role in the depiction of how women should be portrayed and treated. Throughout the decades many women have faced some serious challenges that unfortunately they still face today. We as a country should have moved on from these stereotypes and false depictions a long time ago due to the natural progression of society over time, but to many women’s dismay, not much has changed. We women are being targeted and molded into what society believes to be the “normal” way to live. When we look back at all this country has overcome, why …show more content…
From dis-honest ad companies to unhealthy beauty standards, women have been under scrutiny for far too long. For example in many movies and television productions, the women characters, which there is a lack of in many films by the way, are mostly represented by too made up and thin actresses. Since young women tend to look up to these rich and successful actresses, they feel as if they must conform to society’s view of beauty to be just as successful as their idols. This can potential harm these women and their self-esteem by trying to look like them at all costs. Take famous actress Megan Fox for example. She isn’t particularly known for being a great actress, but is mostly known for her extremely thin hourglass figure. She gets hired for her looks and not her talent. This is extremely hard to achieve if not a celebrity, but women attempt to look like this anyway to appease the population standards for women’s beauty. Also, many ads in the media focus on women’s looks to sell a product instead of using their intelligence and the product’s own merit. These ads paint a false picture of what reality really is for women. If we continue to promote the addiction to unhealthy weight loss and beauty products it will lead to even more severe consequences for our

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