Equality Of Women In Modern Israeli Research Paper

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Research Paper

Equality of Women in Modern Israeli

The Zionist movement was not travelling along the traditional Jewish way. Traditional Jews have a great deal of attachment to their faith and doctrine, and the Zionists wanted to bring about the identity of Zionism with Judaism which includes both Jewish and non-Jewish. It created the basis for the religious society when it changed the role of women in society. Israeli women are defined as Jewish and Palestinian Arab. Traditionally, Israeli women’s were groups of religious observant’s who believed that they should be able to pray at the Kotel and read the Torah scroll as well as wear the Tallit. Also Modern Israeli women wanted the Simhat Torah to dance with, which they believe would
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The State of Israel Jewish religious, political parties stand for the principle that women should be the subordinated to the predicates of Judaism, especially when it is in regards to matters such as personal status. These laws were created by the Jews rabbinical court, Muslims sharia court that used the Quran and the Christian church authorities. This was to endorse the women’s role in the family. After Israeli was established “people who have arrived in Israel to live the Zionist dream and are 50% more likely to be underpaid because their employer take advantage of them. For Instance, young people-particularly single women-are underpaid in the catering industry”( Editorial, J. 2013, March 19). Before, Israeli women worked in areas such as paving roads as well as fighting in the army. As a result of religious inequality Israeli women in the labor market were at an economic disadvantage. Regardless of the type of work women did they still were not equal and were paid less than men. However, this did not happen because of their culture, but this was generated by their sex. However their principle behind this was Israeli “women are the second breadwinner ‘and there is therefore ‘no need ‘to pay them a decent wage” (Alexander, E. 1995). It doesn’t matter how qualified a woman in Israeli society are, they are still paid according to the women’s wage scale of the Histadrut and …show more content…
Before most women did not have a job in Israel and for the Israeli women their jobs were only as domestic workers. Today Israeli women are now a part of the work force with full-time careers and have entered traditional male jobs. However, as for the Orthodox women they claimed that it was commendable or a man to take care of his family. The Orthodox women have become weakened and the less tradition-oriented because majority of them who were raised religiously are now holding jobs and have occupations such as computer analyst, economists, sociologist, psychologists, lawyers and so forth. What has changed why the Orthodox women starting to work? “The default choice of ultra-Orthodox society when faced with economic challenges is to send women into the workforce first, in order to ensure that the husband continues studying Torah,” (Avivi, Y., March 2015). They also believe that this also is a great way to get the Ultra-Orthodox into the work force. Before women’s jobs “women from well-to-do, respectable families often worked as independent seamstresses. The highly skilled and socially respected professional entrepreneurs” (Rubenberg, C. 2001). Now they have professional training and hold white collar jobs, this has expanded the enormous gap between the man and the women equality in the workforce. Unfortunately Israeli women jobs were still being discriminated

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