Equality In The Scarlet Letter

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In today’s society women have strongly been fighting for equality for quite some time. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne expresses his views about women 's issues that people can see today. Hawthorne reveals multiple issues that can be seen by the reader all throughout the novel. Carolyn Maibor expresses how she believes that Hawthorne is expressing women 's issues in her article A Woman’s Calling. Maibor’s article shows that Hester could be a leader in society because she worked in society after being shunned, she did good for people in need, and staying faithful when no one else would. Hester Prynne starts becoming a leader when she starts being the seamstress for her community and taking initiative to give back to them. Hester …show more content…
Hester also would not just sew for people, she also would do good deeds for those in need. Hester Prynne also spent her time by concentrating on helping those in need in the town. Hester gives a lot of her time by giving the poor in her town time, food, money and clothing. Hester decides that giving back to those in need is something she wants to do because she had left the community for so long. Maibor shows how Hester was trying to get back into the society as best as she could:
“Not only does Hawthorne encourage the reader to question the motivations for Hester’s good works by doubting whether she deserves to be shown such kindness, but even more curiously, he adds that despite the contributions she makes to others, she does not want the community’s kindness.” (83)

Hester was starting to get back into the flow of things in the society, and was instead looking like a sinner, the townspeople had a new look at the letter “A”. The people could see the spectacular change in the way Hester has portrays herself in the last 7 years. Also Maibor contradicts herself by

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