Equality & Diversity Work with Children and Young People Essay

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By: Xharie Ramadani
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How to communicate with children and young people. 4 Give chance to talk. 4 Make eye contact and use active listening. 4 Use body language and facial expressions. 4 Respond and observe on what they are saying repeat language 5 How to check that the children and young people understand what is communicated. 5 Explain how to establish rapport and respectful, trusting relationships with children and young adults. 6 Demonstrate supportive and realistic responses to children and young people questions, ideas suggestions and concerns. 6 How do you provide children and young people with reasons for actions when
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Making eye contact give impression to child or young adult that you are listening. For example if you saying to the child that you are listening but in fact you looking away it gives the child or the young adult idea that you are not listening to them and are not really interested. It is necessary and very important to always giving the child full attention and in a classroom this can be done by finding a quiet place so you can actively listen to them without distractions from the other children.
Use body language and facial expressions.
We need to show that we are interested by the way we act with children and young adults. Being more approachable can help in communication with children. Getting down to the child's level as it can be intimidating if someone is towering over them. Smiling and reacting positively to what the children are saying helps improving communications.

Respond and observe on what they are saying repeat language.
When a conversation take place is a good idea to repeat back to pupils what they said so it shows to them that you understood what was said. For example when they use incorrect language like 'I bringed my pencil case in today' they should say 'I brought my pencil case in today' giving the child opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.
Finally, using all this methods will improve the communication between the children and adults in school environment and give the children opportunity to express themselves in everyday

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