Equality And The Means Of Obtaining Fair Treatment Of All People

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Equality and the means of obtaining fair treatment of all people has always existed as a controversial topic of debate. Even just the mention of civil rights generates heated discussions and usually leads to aggression. All the hostility and violence ensued from outraged activists destroys thousands families and towns. W.E.B. Du Bois, an equal rights revolutionary during the early 1900s, advocates for these vicious and fierce fighting tactics, in which the end results justify the mode. On the opposition, Booker T. Washington exemplifies the contrasting method of harmony and hard work to acquire a fair stance in society. Both ideals set the precedent for those pursuing equality and how they would achieve it. However, to gain civil rights, a pacifistic method, rather than a consequential technique, achieves more effective results because of previous civil rights leader 's successes, the people’s reactions, and modern cases of protest. Even in early history, civil rights advocates utilized several different and peaceful resistance techniques to achieve equality. For example, Ghandi’s peaceful ideals focused on respect and understanding his enemies rather than attacking them because he believed those amicable views made it possible to negotiate civilly (“Pacifism”). Nevertheless, initially, Ghandi’s peaceful protests often ended violently, however over time they began to entice more nonviolent followers because many referred to violence as a feeble tactic (Young 1700).…

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