Equality And Equality In Society

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What is equality? Equality is a state in which every person is given the same opportunities to prove themselves, regardless of gender, race, wealth, and religion. This means that everyone is bound by the same rights, people shouldn’t be treated differently based on race, social status, and economic status. With this it makes our country very diverse when it comes to race and social equality, so achieving true equality can prove to be very difficult. In our society today people still face prejudice and inequality every day. It was once said that all men are created equal, this, is not the case in today’s society, due to the fact that there is bias against an individual’s race, religion, and sexual orientation.
The government has tried to create equality amongst its people by passing laws to prevent discrimination. However, despite these laws people are still being mistreated: in neighborhoods, in the streets, in
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During the course of history, human beings have been suffering from discrimination, unfairness, and prejudice. These are caused by a number of factors such as ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Individuals with a different ethnicity have always been judged and oppressed purely based upon the color of their skin. African Americans fought for decades to claim basic rights, such as the right vote. In today’s society, African American people now have the same rights as any other citizens in the United States. It is true that the United States has in fact taken a giant leap towards racial equality, however, we are still far from our goal for complete equality. Despite having laws that state that “all men are created equal,” racial equality is still absent from today’s society. For only those individuals who are too naive to believe that our society has evolved to the point that people don’t judge based on skin color or ethnic

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