Equality 7-2521 Research Paper

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Equality 7-2521 always has a different opinion. The way he thinks and feels is of a higher standard than his leaders. The unbalanced government and his intense thoughts, helps him to realize he must change his life. The idea of rebellion is a sin but his idea of freedom is more important. The idea of finding himself in today’s society is completely acceptable but looking back at his society then helps to come to a conclusion that he was incorrect to rebel. The reason he was incorrect was because he could no longer struggle trying to fit in and not be caught. After a while the guards found out that he was a rebel. The thought of Equality running away shows stress, purpose, and freedom.
After many long stressful days of hiding in the tunnel Equality was caught. ( Anthem,rand, pg.31) The stress he faced is enough to kill a man. Hiding, sneaking, finding: major things that create stress in his government and himself. The idea of hiding is shown when Equality hides in tunnel. He also finds the struggle of keeping an object hidden and also a woman. Although he feels the weight on his shoulders he must also realize that his sneaking out has effect on his punishment once he got caught. After he missed dinner most people
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Running away, hiding, and breaking free. (Anthem, Rand, pg.85) He has made himself free. His hard work and effort that was put into finding himself. Equality goes through a process of anger and The way he uses his mind to find freedom shows how important he really feels. Getting his girl, saying I, and realizing his importance three things that show that he has found freedom. Equality finds freedom in himself as well. He no longer has to bottle his opinions and feelings, but still can’t stop himself. The power he receives makes it know that he is free. Working hard, lying, sneaking, and running helps the freedom be shown. The effort he puts into establishing freedom for himself and others shows how truly certain he

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