Equal Rights Compare And Contrast Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Many things were said during that time by people in position of authority to try to give a valid reason to what they were doing. It was also a way of them reasserting control of a situation that they felt was getting out of hand. "This type of legal marriage must be forbidden simply because natural instinct revolts it as wrong". This was a quote from a Wisconsin senator which was gathered be Eric Zorn. This statement was in response to people who were fighting to have interracial marriage legal. Examining any debate on gay marriage and you will be hard pressed to find someone against it, not using this time excuse to explain why it shouldn't be allowed. It is an excuse that has been used to no avail in the past, and will prove to be inferior now as …show more content…
This is very important and beneficial if one partner is sick and wouldn't be able to have insurance on their own. Another benefit is the ability for them to claim each other jointly on their taxes. This can greatly lower the burden one may pay in back taxes every year. These are just two of many important benefits that a person gets when being legally married? Why should one person be denied that right based on the way they were born? And why would such a small few be so against a concept that they know is man made. That's why it is in gays and lesbians rights to protest the current legislation in favor of a system that is more fair to all. Until the federal government steps up and enacts new legislation, the people must continue to fight, state by state, to let their voices be heard. If we can learn anything from the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's is that with a large enough population body, the elites are forced to rewrite the rules on the people's terms. We are still a very young country that still has a lot of maturing that we must do. And it is difficult for any system to change quickly with the wishes of the people. We do not have a perfect system in place, but like interracial marriage has shown, we have the pieces in place to make the system more perfect in our

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