Equal Opportunities For Children With Disabilities Essay

1472 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout many years of history, those with disabilities were not always treated fairly or given equal opportunity. Activists around the world have worked together to achieve goals such as increased access to all types of transportation and a safer day to day environment. Equal opportunities in employment and education have been a big part of their efforts too. For many years, children with disabilities were many times segregated and not given an equal opportunity for a chance to learn and succeed in school. A disability should not limit a person’s choice to improve themselves and their intellectual capabilities. The Disability Movement and its activists have a strong purpose and history of fighting for equal rights for those who are disabled. They have fought for equal rights for not only a more accessible way of life, but also equal opportunity for education to each and every person. The mission of the Disability Movement is to secure and maintain equal rights and equal opportunities for all people with a disability. This movement is made up of many organizations with activists globally. Throughout the world these activists work together in achieving similar goals. Goals such as safe and accessible public transportation and safe accessibility to public places such as offices, stores, and restaurants. They also fight for equal opportunity within independent living. Many disabled people are not able to live alone and their families struggle to provide proper care…

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