Epoxy: A Short Story

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The next day I did a further examination of the machine and noticed that the glass tube’s electrical socket was arcing. If I kept up, the wire from the glass tube might break; I had to come up with a solution. I decided to strengthen the wire with conductive epoxy which should do the trick. The long term solution would be to replace the glass tube and the socket; there was no telling how long this unit has been in use.

“Carrie, can you use your skills and find out where the company that made this is located?”

“Sure, Uncle Bob is there any reason to find them?”

“Only if you want more toe curling orgasms.”

“That’s good motivation.”

I figured it's only a matter of time before the machine breaks and having a spare glass tube would be a good idea. Of course, if the use is kept to a minimum it should last for some time.

A few days went by and I resumed looking for more treasures. When I returned after
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Carrie, removed the tube and went back to Vanessa’s nipple, she was sucking it in her mouth as far as it would go. When she brought the tube back, Vanessa struggled to lift her dress to access her pleasure mound.

As Vanessa inserted her fingers into her pussy, Carrie slowly increased the frequency causing violet sparks to jump frantically around her nipple. When her finger hit the magic spot in her pussy and she arched up in the chair and let out a loud “fuck”.

Vanessa slumped into the chair exhausted as if she had run a marathon.

Carrie turned off the machine saying, “See I told you it would be great.”

Vanessa panting, “I can’t wait to try the other method,” obviously Carrie told her about the toe curling clit orgasm.

Carrie knowing that Vanessa was orgasmed out, “We can try the other one some other time when you are ready.”

After a brief rest Vanessa dug through her purse and handed Carrie a fifty dollar bill, “I am going for the hundred dollar session next

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