Epitaph For The Race Of Man Analysis

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Selfishness and Greed
In the world, humanity is selfish and greedy with the desire to attain fulfilment. Selfishness and greed are connecting to each other inextricably. “One of These Days” is a narrative written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It talked about the conflicts between the middle class and the politician. “Epitaph for the Race of Man” is a sequence of eighteen sonnets which was written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. The whole series of sonnets tell from the beginning of the earth to the end of the humanity. Sonnet XVI “Alas for Man, so stealthily betrayed” talked about the problem of human selfishness and greed. Both “One of These Days” and sonnet XVI in “Epitaph for the Race of Man” reveal the selfishness and the greed of human beings.
Greed is shown in every living being from the lower animals to humanity. Inherited by their ancestors, living beings are born with greed. In “One of These
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As animals fighting selfishly and greedily for food and mate in order to survive and develop their species, human’s jealousy leads to betray and kill. In the sonnet, the narrator said that man is “bearing the bad cell in him from the start”. (Millay 179) The words “bad cell” refers to both selfishness and greed. In other words, people are born with these negative traits. These intrinsic traits motivate humanity to have the desire of power and survival. In the narrative, the mayor is the person who is selfish and greedy at the same time. In many cases, humanity’s greed is reaching a high social status. However, it becomes different on the mayor. He has already had a high social status, but he is still not satisfied from his power as a mayor. Moreover, he wants to show off his power to people in lower social classes. As the most powerful person in the town, his “bad cell” drives him to threaten and kill people. Selfishness and greed are connected tightly for ambitious

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