Essay about Epistemology And The Theory Of Knowledge

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Epistemology deals with the theory of knowledge. Descartes attempted to build a steady, secure foundation of knowledge. One of his goals was to organize knowledge in a way that is understandable and structured because the structure of thing does indeed dictate function, and building a strong foundation creates an even stronger argument. That was what he was aiming for. Foundation can be described as the underlying basis for something. It as to be steady and strong or everything else on top will crumble to the floor. Descartes method for the foundation of knowledge was the method of doubt. Unlike Empiricism, which view knowledge as deriving from experience, Descartes was a rationalist and believed that knowledge derived from reason. He refers to knowledge as doubt. He built a system to systematically doubt the way knowledge has come about. Doubt is his foundation because it is a feeling of uncertainty. He understands doubt as being the opposite of certainty. For example, if a person has complete certainty, there is no room for doubt. His system is built specifically off doubt. How it works is that he continuously doubts until there is no reason, purpose, or possibility to doubt anymore. He doubts until there is nothing to be doubted. Descartes his system and started with the method of doubt so that he can build off it and arrive to the truth of things, rather than denying the possibility of it. Descartes believes that our beliefs are subjected to doubt. What is built on top…

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