Epistemic Injustice And White Ignorance Essay example

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Both Fricker and Mills, in Epistemic Injustice and White Ignorance, respectfully, take on opposing stances on who is truly impacted and suffers an epistemic disadvantage in the instance of certain injustices. Fricker takes on the position that due to hermeneutical injustice, the oppressed are those who suffer an epistemic disadvantage. On the contrary, Mills argues that it is not the oppressed that suffer an epistemic disadvantage but rather the oppressors. This argument can be substantiated for both groups. For the oppressed there will be ignorance due to their inability to access certain areas of knowledge, and for the oppressor there will also be ignorance that is created due to the oppression they exact on other groups they deem lesser than themselves. Fricker argues that due to hermeneutical injustice, the oppressed group often is the one to suffer an epistemic disadvantage which means that, these oppressed groups tend to find themselves unable to acquire knowledge in certain fields due to injustice experienced. Mills on the other hand focuses on the idea that the oppressed are the ones who suffer an epistemic advantage due to exacting such injustices which leave them ignorant.
Hermeneutical injustice unlike testimonial injustice, focuses on injustices that form as the result of various social structures. This means that one can have part of he or she’s social experiences hidden from collective grasp due to structural identity prejudices. The biggest issue with this…

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