Epicurus And The Fundamental Laws Of Nature Essay

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Epicurus starts by telling us the fundamental laws of nature, nothing is created out of nothing and nothing can be destroyed to nothing. These laws hold true for all the universe. Atoms will always move and collide through the universe without destruction, providing stability and permanence to the world around us. The narrator informs us that these laws support his argument that only natural causes operate in the world.
Epicurus would like us to consider that our soul is made of atoms held within the body and that these atoms are what lead to our being able to feel sensations, but without the body no sensations would;ve ever been felt. When the soul leaves the body all sensation is lost. The soul is indestructible by nature because it is made of atoms. Because there is no sensation with the body separated from the soul it is impossible to conceive there is an incorporeal existence, as the soul would have no sense of the world around it.
When it comes to higher powers, Epicurus did not deny their existence, but he believes that they hold no true power. Instead he believes that the function of scientific nature is responsible for all phenomena that occurs. He says that God is blessed and immortal - an existence that knows no trouble and causes no trouble, as anger and favor only exist in the weak. Death for people is nothing - it is only the loss of sensation. Understanding that death is nothing, allowing the morality of life to be enjoyable. It is the anticipation of death…

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