Essay about Epic Poems, Beowulf, By Beowulf

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A noble thane can be defined as someone who remains loyal, cares about the safety of his people, and doesn’t back down from a battle. In one of the oldest and longest Anglo-Saxon literary epic poems, Beowulf, a story is told about a young warrior named Beowulf and his journey through life. Beowulf, the protagonist, is continuously looked up to because of his strength and honor to his people. Early in the epic, news reaches him that trouble is befalling in Denmark and Beowulf agrees to help the Danes by choosing 14 of his best men. From this point on, Beowulf undergoes two battles against creatures in order to keep the people in the land of the Danes safe, as well as his men. After defeating the horrendous creatures, it seems that pride has taken over the reasons for Beowulf entering these battles and wanting to continue to fight which eventually leads to his downfall. Eventually becoming king, it can be argued whether Beowulf was a brave and heroic thane and whether or not he continued to be as courageous and strong when becoming the King of Geats and if excessive pride takes over his reasoning for his duties.
Beowulf demonstrates his virtues as a courageous thane and eventually as a loyal king on numerous occasions. Beowulf is first presented as a courageous thane when news reaches him that the Danes are being attacked by a creature named Grendel, who walks the Mead Hall at night. Beowulf gathers his best men and sails to Denmark in order to protect the Danes by fighting…

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