Essay on Epic Of Old Mali By Griot Mamadou Kouyate

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An Epic of Old Mali by Griot Mamadou Kouyaté, master in the art of eloquence and he was a man who teach kings the history of their ancestors and the historian of sundiata story. Once, King Maghan ruled the kingdom of Mali and loved for all the people. He was great among kings and last of the great conquerors. Maghan Kon Fatta was the father of the great sundiata and had three wives. He was renowned for his beauty in very land. One day, a hunter came his house to visit the king.Then the hunter asked him to marry a woman called Sogolon and the hunter told him that Sogolon would bear him a son who will become the greatest king. It was know that she was not beautiful, so the lion child came to the world, the bravery whose name was sundiata.
God has his mysteries wich none can fathom. You can do nothing about it. Sogolon son had a difficult childhood, he still crawled also he was very defferent from others of his own age. One day, Maghan made djata came to him and he said I am growing old and soon I shall be here. Hence the king give to his son the his kingdom to ruled. Soon, sogolon son was now age of ten. The name sogolon djata in the rapid mandingo language became sundiata or sundjata. Soon, Sundiata and his mother was living far away in a foreign land, she was very unhappy. She said to her son, you must know that I love you my son, but I am troubled about your future. Then, the great moment came when sundiata use all his force to standing, so few minutes he was walking like…

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