Epic Hero : A Heroic Hero Essay

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An Epic Hero is a brave and noble character in an Epic Poem, admired for achievements or affected by events. There are eight elements of an Epic Hero Cycle. The eight elements of an Epic Hero Cycle are: (1) the main character has to be possessed of supernatural abilities; (2) the hero is charged with a quest; (3) the hero is tested, often to prove the worthiness of himself and his quest; (4) the presence of numerous mythical beings, magical and helpful animals, and human helpers and companions; (5) the hero travels take him to a supernatural world, often one that normal human beings are barred from entering; (6) the cycle must reach a low point where the hero nearly gives up his quest or appears defeated; (7) a resurrection; and (8) a restitution. Gilgamesh went through all of these elements. So, that qualifies Gilgamesh as an Epic Hero.
The first element of the Epic Hero cycle is, there has to be a main character who is a hero. The main character has to be possessed of supernatural abilities or qualities. Gilgamesh is two thirds god and one third human. His strength and size are almost supernatural. Gilgamesh is legendary. He’s the son of a goddess and a king. Gilgamesh biggest accomplishment as king is constructing massive walls around his city Uruk. But as the Epic begins, Gilgamesh is terrifying and all powerful. Crejan-Reid, Vybarr says, “Whilst the Epic recounts a series of trials and adventures, it does so in the earlier stages to impart Gilgamesh’s arrogance and…

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