Epic Failures Of Inbound Marketing Essay

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Epic Failures in Inbound Marketing
We all make mistakes. Hopefully, the mistakes we make are nowhere near as dangerous to our way of life as these epic failures are to inbound marketing. Luckily, we can all learn from these mistakes that others have made. Maybe then, we won 't have to learn them all the hard way. Check out this epic fails before you dive into your own inbound marketing strategies.
Timothy 's Coffee
Who wouldn 't want a free sample of coffee just for following the company 's Facebook page? Apparently no one. You would think that having a successful campaign like this would be good for the company. But, it can quickly head south if you actually run out of your free samples, like Timothy 's did.
The concept was actually so popular that they ran out of their samples in three days and were forced to revise their offer. Naturally, this isn 't something that went over very well with their fans. In the end, the entire debacle wound up costing them a lot. They issued an official apology as well as an offer to send out free coupons. But, there were still major hurdles to jump over even after all of this.
Whenever you are designing an inbound marketing tactic, make sure you think it through. You should make sure you are able to offer everything to your fans, even if you suddenly develop a few extra on the list. This is something that Timothy 's Coffee is continuing to learn about the hard way to this day.
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