Epc Industry in India: Issues and Challenges Essay

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EPC Industry in India: Issues and Challenges

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Chemtech Foreword KPMG Foreword Executive Summary Acronyms Used Methodology Coverage and Scope Setting the Context Value Creation Strategies Key External Drivers and Issues Key Internal Issues End-Use Industry Views EPC Industry in India Action Agenda for Sustained Growth Acknowledgements About Chemtech About KPMG in India 48 51 52 52 2 3 4 4 8 8 10 17 22 29 33

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EPC Industry in India: Issues and Challenges

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CHEMTECH Foreword trong infrastructure and industry are critical for India as the country sees leapfrogging growth. As far as both these sectors
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We sincerely hope that this report would be a useful information tool for both industry as well as statutory bodies to gear up for the challenges for the Indian EPC sector during this decade.

EPC Industry in India: Issues and Challenges

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KPMG Foreword

Arvind Mahajan Executive Director KPMG Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

he Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) services industry in India is faced with a large and unique opportunity due to galloping Indian economy, and investments in public and industrial infrastructure. The 11th five year plan has been an inflection point in Infrastructure investments, with them contributing upto 9 percent of India’s GDP . The 12th plan envisages a total investment in the region of USD 1 trillion, contributing upto 10 percent of India’s GDP Similarly, there are large . investments expected in industrial infrastructure, whether it be Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining and other industries. This large and fast build out of industrial and plant infrastructure requires a robust and growing engineering, procurement and construction services industry for spreading and management of risks, efficiency and productivity in engineering and construction and supplementing the management

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