Enzo Ferrari Influence

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Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, in 1898, into a family of businesspeople. His father owned a small metal engineering company. Enzo, and his brother Alfredo spent a lot of time at the race circuit with their father. Those experiences sparked Enzo’s interest of cars and engines. After having to leave school early, and leaving the Army, Enzo found work as a test and race car driver. He was involved in many races himself, and in 1937, created his first race car. That was the start of creating his own business, Auto Avio Contruzioni on Viale Trento Trieste, at the headquarters of the old Scuderia Ferrari. Enzo is an entrepreneur and can be characterized using different business models, using physiological functions, risk and innovation, Cooper’s Model Antecedent Influences and Entrepreneurial Vision.
Psychological functions are referring to Enzo’s personality. He is the “great” person who knows everything about
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Antecedent influences are defined as the background of an entrepreneur, in terms of family, education and experience. Enzo’s family lived on factory property, where his father was a businessman. That upbringing allowed him to immerse himself into the knowledge of business and engineering. As a hobby with his father and brother, they went to the racetrack to watch car races. Those experiences, intrigued Enzo, and as he watched the races he gained experience to eventually become a test driver, and eventually a race car driver. Tragically, in 1916 Enzo’s father and brother, Alfredo died. Thus, he left his studies to work. According to CNBC. Less than half of business owners have received a college degree. Many school drop-outs become entrepreneur, and succeed based on numerous factors, inducing antecedent influences. Enzo was a risk-taker and less-regimented. When his family tragedy occurred, he quickly changed his path, to suit his situation and help his

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