Essay on Environmental Sustainability Of Sustainable Urbanism

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Environmental Sustainability of Sustainable Urbanism in Western Harbour
With the development of society, the life quality of human being greatly improved. However, it also leads to the destruction of nature at the same time. Because of the urbanization and industrialization, population increasing, many trees being lopped and the discharge of a large number of polluting gases, which all result in climate change. Climate change affects many different parts like environment, economic, and social in the social life of human being. For solving these problems, an idea of sustainable urbanism was put forward. Brundtland Commission (2010) defined that sustainable urbanism is a type of urban development which not only can meet the needs of contemporary citizens, but also need to have the ability can meet the needs of future generation. Sustainable urbanism can slow down climate change while balancing environment, economic and social. Among these, environmental sustainability is most important. Goodland (1995) reported that environmental sustainability is an eternal challenge which needs to ensure the environment that human being live cannot be damaged, whilst the present and the future generations can be fed and housed well. This essay will focus on the environmental sustainability of sustainable urbanism in a sustainable district which is called Western Harbour, in Malmö, Sweden.

Western Harbour is a district in Malmö which is mix of uses and local facilities. The power of the…

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