Environmental Sustainability Of Nike, Inc. Essay

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Environmental Sustainability of Nike, Inc.
John Pisacreta, Will Roberts, and Michael Thomson
Clark University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Management 170: Managerial Communications for the fall Semester of 2015.
Environmental Sustainability of Nike, Inc.
Nike’s Reputation Typically, Nike is portrayed in a negative light under the public eye for their labor practices, working conditions, and the sometimes questionable athletes they endorse. It is a popular practice for the public to condemn Nike for things that they can only assume to be true; the fact of the matter is that Nike remains exceptionally conscious of its corporate social responsibility, and it strives to better itself as a company in various areas. One of Nike’s principle strides forward in this department has been in the area of environmental awareness and sustainability. Nike actively makes conscious and obvious efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, and eventually change its public perception as an environmentally friendly company.
Environmental Pressure Nike is constantly sponsoring research to determine new and innovative ways in which it can improve both the performance of its products, as well as the methods used to make those products. Nike is celebrated worldwide for the superiority of its products, and will not sacrifice quality or detail orientation during production. "This is a fundamental rewriting of the old belief system in which sustainability was so often cast as a…

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