Environmental Studies Essay

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Environmental studies

Development of the drinking water standards for arsenic since the year 2000 Exposure to Arsenic has become a considerable global environmental health concern as contact through contaminated drinking water leads to cases of several medical conditions and ailments as well as human reproduction and development effects. The source of arsenic in drinking water consists of natural supplies such as rocks, soil and from human activities for instance in preservatives, paints, and agricultural activities. There are increased levels of arsenic in the ground water sources as compared to surface water and this makes people who rely on ground water to be vulnerable to water that is contaminated.
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Current federal regulations for managing environmental impacts related to hydro-fracking for oil and gas development. Hydro fracking is a process that is used in increasing the surge of oil or gas from wells that are drilled deep into permeable rocks formation such as shale. The process is used in the U.S. ever since the early 1940s and it uses a combination of water, sand and several that are pumped into permeable rocks formation under high pressure. The high pressure produces fractures in the permeable rocks extending outwards from the bore and this creates a network of connected fractures. The interconnected fractures are kept open by sand particles and this allows oil and gas to stream from the pores in the rock formation to the oil wells (Schultz, 2012). The use of Hydro fracking in extracting oil and gas has resulted in considerable concerns with regards to human health and environmental impacts in the United States. For instance, there have been concerns over the contamination of the ground water with chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. Secondly, the contaminated water can flow back into the surface waters, the drilling can lead to potential spills of detrimental waste products and the oil and gas reservoirs can interconnect with the ground water reservoirs.

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