Environmental Stewardship Essay

Environmental Stewardship refers to “The responsible use and protection of the natural environment through sustainable practices.” With the new triumphs of technology, the world is in a more perilous predicament than ever before: air pollution, species ' extinction, and global warming are just the tips of the iceberg. Many religious and social movements attempt to counteract our irresponsible intrusion into nature, and remind us all that, we should not act as plunderers, but protectors of this great planet. In this day and age, people should come to a realization for their demolition of the environment and thrives to save the Mother Nature. As the world already experiencing the dangers of environmental destruction wheatear it is the contamination …show more content…
Consequently, the world needs to take a significant leap to change their ways before it too late and thrive to become environmental stewards.
Alberta oil sand is a prime example of how humans play a crucial role in the destruction of the environment. Alberta oil sand is one of the largest industrial projects in the world and mostly known as “the biggest environmental crime” in history. However, over the years there is been various debate concerning the Alberta oil sand and its effects on the environment. The procedure of mining oil sand releases three times the carbon dioxide emission than the regular oil production. Alberta oil sand is said to become a major industrial contributor in North America to climate change. The main caused of climate change is the greenhouses gas emissions, and nearly forty percent of Canada’s emission comes from the Alberta oil sand project. It does not include the other oil sands infrastructure in other parts of North American. The emission gas produced by the oil sand is drastically increasing as more production needs it. Not only Alberta oil sand is the primary cause of global warming,
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Alberta oil sand shows how humans are the primary reason for the demolition of the environment, which one of the major industrial contributor in North America to climate change. Also, it has already been stated as the source of the second fastest rate of deforestation. Enormous mines are required to extract oil sand, which leads to the deforestation particularly in the boreal forest. The main concern for deforestation is the destruction of animal habitats. The result of cutting down trees caused many animals to lose their natural habitats, which lead extinction of several species. Most of the toxic waste from the oil sand is dumped into the river, which contaminates rivers that are habitat for many aquatic wildlife, these animals are physically affected because of the toxic water. Alberta Oil sand projects significantly impacted the human health, and it is also influencing people lives such as the Indigenous communities of Alberta. As the oil sand extraction industry expanding, it requires more land to do mass mining project. Unfortunately, this force many people to vacate their homes and give up their livelihoods. So let’s put an end to something that should never have started and take care of the earth as it takes of

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