Environmental Scan Paper

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Environmental Scan Paper
December 10, 2014
Dr. Pamela Linden

Environmental Scan Paper
Environmental scanning plays a critical role in the strategic management planning process. The environmental scan provides important information, which may be useful in forecasting changes for the future.
Environmental scanning is, “the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the organization.” (Wheelen and Hunger, Ch.4, Sec. 4.1) Managers scan the internal environment for strengths and weaknesses and the external environment for opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses can be found within the company structure, as well as the employee pool.
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External factors such as social lifestyles and tastes play a role in the offerings in Starbucks stores. Social roles are changing for some people, leaning towards healthier choices. Starbucks tries to follow those choices by offering nonfat coffee choices, smoothies and unsweetened tea drinks. Food choices were initially a few pastries and bagels; however, Starbucks has moved to include some lighter choices such as egg white sandwiches and healthy oatmeal.
Other external factors affecting Starbucks’ offerings include restaurants and other coffee places offering new tastes such as holiday-flavored coffees, such as pumpkin for Thanksgiving and peppermint flavored item for the Christmas holiday. Starbucks was the first to offer a “shake-type” coffee product, which now can be found at some fast food restaurants hoping to entice customers to purchase these coffee drinks with their breakfast sandwich.
Starbucks uses a strategy referred to as “four-fold”. (Forbes.com, 2014) The first part of their strategy includes focusing on the upper scale of the coffee market and providing their customers with a quality product versus convenience. The second fold of their strategy refers to execution by focuses on their original product and expanding how the product is offered. The stores of today offer seating as you would find in your own living room with fire places and free internet access. The third fold of their strategy focuses on their leadership and

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