Environmental Scan Paper

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Environmental Scan Paper
Environmental scans are critical to have in the business industry. An environmental scan is an examination of the internal and external environment of the organization. It is necessary to conduct an environmental scan in order to determine the organization’s goals and what steps to take to reach those goals. Environment scanning is processed to determine development and forecasts of elements that will influence the success of the business. According to an article by (Environmental Scanning - Internal & External Analysis of Environment, 2013). Environmental scanning refers to possession and utilization of information about occasions, patterns, trends, and relationships within an organization’s internal and external
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Leap Wireless
Leap Wireless is a cell phone company that offers plans at best prices without having to sign a contract. Part of Leap’s external factors consists in the services they provide such as affordable monthly services, smartphones, and the flexibility that any consumer wishes for. Leap Wireless has been a threat to the competition by offering all these services without having to be tied up in a contract or having to pay any termination fees. Leap also offers broadband services and modems of high quality value that also does not require contracts. Leap has been able to stay on top of the competition by keeping its customers by providing great devices and dependable service. Currently they serve over 6 million customers nationwide. Leap’s government affairs department is committed to driving positive change for their customers and for the company. They maintain active, ongoing dialogue with the legislative and regulatory bodies that oversee their industry ("Leap Wireless", 2013). Part of the Leap’s internal factors consists of employees being part of a team working towards the common goals of customer and employee satisfaction. Leap’s workplace thrives on entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. They take pride of their ability to reach their goals efficiently ("Leap Wireless", 2013).

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